Websites: Harness SEO Power (Without Writing Like a Robot)

Whether you are looking to build a new website or garner better results from your existing site, turn to Chalkbridge. Think of building your website as similar to building a house. Would you start by hiring painters and plumbers? No, first you need an architect—ideally, one with the vision to draft up blueprints for a site that will work well across all digital screens.

By delving deep into the heart of your organization’s strategic goals, strengths, and opportunities, we will not only deliver a wireframe that will serve as your roadmap, but we will construct the pillars upon which your site must be built: words. Do not get us wrong; we are all for that flashy brand video that makes you look amazing and those fresh hi-res photos and graphics that put your best foot forward. Our team of partners can and will do these things for you.

But the reason you should take your website project to Chalkbridge is that we are going to focus on what matters most to search engines and, thus, your search ranking: again, words. Website content and SEO is a delicate balance. On the one hand, there are certain keywords you want to rank for (if you do not know what those keywords are, we can help with that, too). On the other hand, if it is clear that is what you are trying to do, your content may sound stilted—a real turn-off to your visitors.

If you could use some help in striking this balance as you consider a new website or simply making upgrades to your existing site, contact Chalkbridge. We look forward to discussing your project.