Press Releases: Many Details, One Core Message

A well-crafted press release is your ticket to securing the media coverage you are looking for. Done well, it can solidify or bolster your reputation and get you in front of the audience(s) you care about the most. Done poorly, it can undermine your credibility and deliver unintended and unhelpful messages to influential figures.

The basics of creating a press release are not complicated, but at Chalkbridge, we are not content to get the pertinent information onto a page, attach an image, and hope for the best. No matter the subject, your press release should always reinforce your core messaging and branding.

It is helpful to have a second pair of eyes on your public-facing written output, and nowhere is this more true than with press releases, given that you are tapping the world’s messengers on the shoulder and saying, in essence, “This is my message.” Let’s make it count. Please contact us when you are ready to do so with a professional press release writer.