Personal Branding: Your Unspoken Messages

Let’s get beyond the basics when it comes to personal branding. You probably already know not to post anything publicly that you would not want your next potential client or customer to see. Knowing what not to do is important, but what should you do to tell the world something about yourself?

The answers to that question matter a great deal, in part because of the increasingly common 21st century phenomenon of synecdoche. Perhaps you have experienced this yourself when online and in-person worlds collide; have you ever had a meeting with someone who was peeking at your LinkedIn account ahead of time and latched on to something you had forgotten all about and that you haven’t been involved with for many years? That is synecdoche – taking one piece of information and inferring that it represents much more than it actually does.

Who is at fault in the hypothetical interaction above? Is it the person trying to make conversation about something that you have not thought much about in years, or you, for not updating your online presence to be more reflective of where you’re at these days?

There are no across-the-board solutions for personal branding because, thankfully, every person is unique, but if you are ready to get intentional about the messages—both intended and unintended—that you are putting out into the world about yourself, please get in touch. We look forward to connecting with you.