Media Training: Practice Makes Perfect Quotations and Soundbites

If a member of the media called you to request an interview later this day, would you do a victory dance or feel a twinge of panic? It is amazing how many people pass up a big media moment—an extremely valuable opportunity—due to fear that they might get it wrong. On the other hand, others may launch into the situation unprepared only to wonder, after the fact, why things did not go as well as they might have hoped.

Your media moment is a high-stakes opportunity, and you can seize it and hit a home run for yourself or your organization. The key is ample training and preparation, and even seasoned pros can always improve their interview acumen.

With extensive experience on both sides of the media conversation, from journalism to media relations, Chalkbridge draws on thousands of interview experiences to make sure you go into your next interview with confidence—and with a plan to ensure your message comes across loud and clear, in a way that will make the cut.

The best time to do media training is when there is no urgent need, so if you suspect that speaking to the press will be useful and/or necessary and you would like to make the most of the opportunity, please get in touch and let’s be sure that your quotations and soundbites will shine.