The Email Newsletter Challenge: Can You Rise Above the Digital Din?

We’re not going to sugarcoat it: given the rise of inbox filtering and the proliferation of spam, reaching people via email is significantly more difficult than it was even just a few years ago. Longitudinal looks at open and click rates generally reflect this technological shift. Does that mean your email newsletter is no longer worthwhile? Absolutely not.

Email continues to allow your audience(s) to connect with you on their schedule. For some, this may be the preferred mechanism of learning what more about you or your organization. Content is key. Recognize that your audience feels bombarded by emails. They will decide—quickly—whether your email should be opened or ignored.

If you can clear that first hurdle—no small feat—your next step is to motivate the user and connect them to the task your email will help them accomplish. (Free hint: if there is no such task, you should reconsider whether it is of strategic value to send that email.)

Here is the good news: having developed several successful organizational email newsletters over the course of the past decade+, Chalkbridge can steer you toward the tactics proven to maximize your email impact. If you are ready to take a 360-degree look at your emails, contact us and let’s make your emails count.