Chalkbridge Ghostwriting & Content elevates its clients’ thought leadership, voice, and brand identity via premium written content, communications strategy, and digital media.

Based in the Boston area and serving clients anywhere and everywhere, Chalkbridge will save you time and make your content shine. A small but mighty boutique, we take the time to understand your needs and to deliver top-quality, custom-tailored work, and thanks to our low overhead, we offer significant cost savings to our clients.

We invite you to click on any of the bullet points below to dive deeper into what we do and why we do it. If it sounds like what you need, let’s talk.

Thought Leadership and Trusted Content

Take control of your narrative and shape the conversations that matter most to you. Your written and spoken communications are the most significant factor in how the world views you, your work, and your field. Redirecting a portion of your traditional marketing budget into developing your thought leadership voice is like moving from shouting to using a microphone; we think you will be amazed at how much easier it is to reach people—and how much better it will feel to both you and them—when you meet your audience where they already are with the right words and tools.

Brand Voice and Identity

Any company or organization can say—or pay an ad agency a lot of money to say—”we’re the best.” There is nothing wrong with that, but at Chalkbridge, we provide audiences who have grown weary of that approach with something different by delivering content that follows this cardinal rule: show, don’t tell. It is not all about what you say. What are your employees saying? Are they your brand ambassadors? What are your customers or clients saying? Can we get them to say it in just the way you want them to? With Chalkbridge, you can and we will.

Digital Strategy

Typically paired with one or several of the services above, Chalkbridge offers digital strategy services to push your content “the final mile” across platforms and audiences. Once we have developed your stellar content, let’s be sure to maximize its potential, tweaking it as appropriate for each venue. Whether we do this for you or you have an in-house team to do so, our aim is simply to make sure you achieve the ROI you need by multi-purposing your shiny new content in as many ways as makes sense for you.

Media Strategy

Are you using every potential tool in your communications toolkit? Are you prepared to chime in with a carefully crafted, topical letter, column, or blog when a matter related to your work is in the news? If a reporter called you seeking a comment or interview later today, would you do a victory dance or feel exceedingly nervous? Don’t worry. Chalkbridge will work closely with you to make sure you are confident and prepared to seize—and create—media opportunities that deliver lasting value.

I Can Write. Why Hire a Ghostwriter?

We know that you can write, and most often, our business clients are seeking a ghostwriter or content creator not due to any creative deficiency on their part, but for any or all these reasons:

  • You know your overarching message but your time is better spent elsewhere than in crafting the specific details;
  • You have been hitting the same points, and need to keep doing so, but want to make that tried and true message feel fresh once again; and/or
  • You need new eyes to synthesize/summarize/organize a chaotic tangle of inputs into a unified narrative that breathes life into your work.

Whatever the reason, you have come to the right place. Many of our services above pair well together, and in cases where discretion is important, rest assured that whatever we do for you will remain between you and Chalkbridge, in keeping with the ghostwriter’s code.

“You Want Visuals with That?”

We are word people, not a fast food chain trying to upsell you on French fries. However, for those looking for full-suite content packages or a one-stop content shop, please note that Chalkbridge partners with leading video, photography, artwork, and graphic design service providers to ensure that you receive excellent results on all project deliverables without having to split your attention between several vendors.

You start with Chalkbridge because the written word is the true anchor for your strategic messaging and content, but we will make sure you shine across whichever formats and venues make sense for you.

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