At Chalkbridge, we think of reaching your writing and content goals as crossing a river. You could swim across (i.e., do it yourself), but it would be much more efficient to cross via bridge by hiring a freelance writer or ghostwriter. We’ll get you across quickly and in style, making sure that your words help get you to where you need to go.

Once you’ve reached the other side with content in hand, you’re free to erase the bridge like chalk on a blackboard because, on ghostwriting projects, your freelance writer or ghostwriter will never discuss or disclose work that we have done on your behalf (aside from the unlikely event of a legal requirement to do so, of course). We practice discretion and take the ghostwriter’s oath seriously.

While we don’t take credit, we do take pride in delivering the very best written content. We love to write, and it shows. We believe that what we do matters, and that amazing things are possible when ideas are given proper voice. That’s why we work to make your words count. That’s Chalkbridge.

If you’re ready to save time while making your content shine, let’s talk.