Chalkbridge elevates its clients’ thought leadership, voice, and brand identity via premium content, communications strategy, and digital media. The best way to understand what we do for our clients is to explore our ‘Services’ pages.

Why Chalkbridge?

At Chalkbridge, we think of reaching your writing and content marketing goals as crossing a river. You could swim across (i.e., do it yourself), but it would be much more efficient to cross via bridge by hiring a freelance writer or ghostwriter. We will get you across quickly and in style, making sure that your words and visuals get you where you need to go.

Once you have reached the other side with content in hand, you are free to erase the bridge like chalk on a blackboard; we are not interested in taking credit but in delivering the very best content in collaboration with you and/or your organization.

At Chalkbridge, we start with the written word as the true anchor of your strategic content, and we don’t stop there. From photography and graphics to social media posts and video, we will make sure you shine across whichever formats and venues make sense for you.

We love to write and create compelling content, and it shows. We believe that what we do matters, and that amazing things are possible when ideas are given proper voice. That is why we work to make your words count. That’s Chalkbridge.

Experience Matters

We work with everyone from global firms and mid-sized companies to small businesses and solo entrepreneurs. While we are flexible as to who and how we serve, the principles of strategic marketing, communications, content, and branding that we adhere to on behalf of our clients remains steady across the board. Here is a small sampling of our strategic content clientele:

Flexibility to Meet Your Content Needs

Chalkbridge can deliver content in the way that makes sense for you:

  • Singles: Enlist Chalkbridge on a one-time freelance writer basis when you have one specific need and do not anticipate anything related or more in the future.
  • Campaigns: Receive a tailor-made package of deliverables for your integrated thought leadership or communications campaign. Mix and match and pay for only what you need.
  • Subscriptions: Keep Chalkbridge on call to deliver your organization’s key content and messaging across platforms on an ongoing basis. We greatly value building long-term relationships with our clients; the more we get to know your business or organization and its people, the better we can tailor content to match your unique needs.

Perhaps you are accustomed to working with a freelance writer, ghostwriter, or content creator, or maybe this is new to you. Either way, let’s talk about your goals and how we can help you achieve them.